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Second attempt using 1274.....


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The candle is beautiful. I love that blue. However.....have you burned it yet? And what wick are you using. The jury is still out for me with this wax. I just did a blend using it mixed with 1343 and it is burning better. I will post the melt pool experiment next week.....I love the price of the wax because I can pick it up.......:) Donita Louise

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less stearic increases mottle? I've found if I add more stearic that I get more mottle. It also helps to pour at a hotter temperature. I've had my candles sweat from different fragrance oils even if I measure them out the same they don't always hold with this wax. It's kind of frustrating trying to get consistency. I did happen to find out this info on igi's 1274

Working/pouring temperatures should be in the

range of 180-195°F (82-91°C)

Use fragrances specifically designed for candles.

Fragrance level 3-5 % is recommended, above 6%

by weight may result in surface oil

Avoid contact with other waxes, additives, ect, as

they may contaminate the mottling effect.

Mottling can be improved by cooling the candles as

slowly as possible

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