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ODD QUESTION! Are all the soy 415 the same?

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I get the Blue Grass 415 so far I like it except it doesnt clean up that well but hey as long as it has a good scent throw I dont mind....anyways they say that no one else has it but I noticed peaks has 415? Is this the same? I do apologize for this question I just wonder since I will be placing an order with them and it will save on shipping :D

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The 415 is used alot by various suppliers as their house brand. If you get a box of soy wax that says 415 on it then it is the same stuff. The only difference between them would be the lot numbers or mfg dates. There shouldn't be any or much difference between batches to necessitate retesting between batches. That doesn't happen too often (knock on wood).

Unless you get a new box and everything you pour burns alot differently. Some people like to pour a test candle when they get wax from a new batch, just to make certain it burns the same as the old batch.

HTH! geekster

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