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I received a NICE welcome back to soaping today


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Not sure what happened all I know is I had a mess-LOL. I wiped most up ASAP (in the middle of pouring into the mold) as I didn't know what it would do to the cabinet. It looks OK but I was going for a dark red sandwiched between 2 white layers-that didn't happen. My new mold said it was for 3lbs and it only holds 2lbs. I tried using a gold mica as well for the first time. I sprinkled it on the soap and that didn't work well.:undecided Can't wait to see how the rest of my batches come out (hopefully not on the ground).



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yah, I probably would've freaked too if my cupboards looked as nice as yours, mine are over 14 years old, and thrashed, so I would've been more concerned about my soap! LOL

Even so, that soap in the mold looks like you spent plenty of time with it, obviously it wasn't a fast mover huh? It's sooo pretty, love the color!

Where's the cut pics??? :D

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Scent is Solas Be Delicious - I'm just alittle behind on soaping (as this is from Jennie's co-op). I have approx 20 FOs I would like to get in soap- 4 down, 16 to go!

I did Cas's Honey and Milk, and Kojiki as well. Both are nice in soap.

YES it is Mr Do Right molds. I'm VERY disappointed in the size bar it makes :undecided. Plus I'm having a hard time getting the sides off. I'm hoping it just needs to be seasoned. I have a friend in the Air Force that in his spare time works w/ this material. He was sent to the Middle East in November so when he gets back I'm hoping to have him make me a few molds to my specs. I definately think the 3lbs were including the liquid and I did the recipe for just oils.

This actually did clean up easy compared to wax :tongue2: I'll take a soap spill any day over a wax spill! I'm just glad it was in the laundry room w/ tile floors as all the other floors are wood laminate.

I did cut it a few hours later- I'm sooo bad about waiting. I'll post some pics of it cut in a few days along w/ other soaps.


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