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Glue gun and wicks question....

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So today I bought a glue gun, loads cheaper than I thought they were.

Couple of questions, when you make votives without a wick pin, can you glue the sustainer to the bottom of the mould? does it come out though when you unmould the candle?

I know you can't stick the sustainers with a glue gun to ready made votives (where you've used a wick pin), I've just tried :o so how do you make the sustainer stick to the votive candle?

I was wondereing whether the same principle could be adopted with pillars? glue a wicked sustainer into a mould? or can't you use pre-tabbed wicks on pillars?

What other uses does a glue gun have? (please don't say, glueing) lmao

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Once you stick it, its stuck! So, no, i wouldn't stick the sustainers into a 'reusable' mould with hot glue - you'd do that for containers. You can get the hot glue off but its not like bluetack, its got quite a strong hold. Dont you use those big self centering sustainers with votives? I don't make em so I don't know what other method you would use.

Sorry can't be more help.


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