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Sourcing Wax

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Hi, I have been making candles with parrafin wax for 5 years and looking to explore alternatives. I want to try making candles from vegetable wax, I wondered if anyone could tell me what kind of vegetable wax would be best- I want to make quite large amounts of candles. I also wondered if anyone knew of anywhere in South Africa that I could source the wax?

Thanx :smiley2:

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I cant help with where you might be able to find wax in S. Africa, but I did want to chime in. I also made candles with paraffin, J223 to be exact. I also decided to try a natural wax. I found that for me, making the switch from paraffin to natural was not too bad, as I decided to start with a parasoy blend. I use GreenLeafs 70/30 wax, 70% soy-30% paraffin. It still allows you to pour hot, avoid the frosting problems you have to fight with pure soy + it throws great and burns really clean. (providing your wicking is right, as with any wax) You dont have to use GreenLeaf, any parasoy would probably be worth trying out. You could even try making your blend useing the paraffin you already use and finding some pure soy to mix with it :) I have heard some great things about several of the 50/50 blends as well. HTH!

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