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Any mals-e pros here?


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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to figure out how to do my cart based on weight. I have 3 products that all weigh different amounts.

Say Item A weighs 1oz, Item B weighs 3oz, Item C weighs 12oz. I want to ship all via USPS priority mail. How in the heck do I assign each item a weight?

I figured out how do it based on units that all weigh the same but say someone adds 1 - 12 oz thing and 1 - 1oz thing it tries to charge it like they bought 2 - 12 oz things.

Help would be greatly appreciated smilie1.gif

I'm not sure which option to pick out under the shipping category. I'm so confused! My head is literally spinning!

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LOL, I reread your dilemma and now I've probably confused the hell out of you. I'm sorry. I was ASSuming that you were trying to get Mal's premium real time shipping to work, and I know that theirs and most others will only accept pounds and not ozs. I'm not sure that what you want to do can be done.. I'll have to have a look around the Mal's set up and get back to you on it ok?

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Wow, thanks!

Right now I have figured out how if a customer just orders melt packs that the shipping will work correctly but if they order a melt pack and a single melt it wants to pretend that the single melt weighs as much as a melt pack and charge like 2 dollars more.. that's silly. A single melt and a melt pack should all be able to ship for the same amount.

So with that I'm guessing that each item needs to be assigned a weight and then I have to figure out how to tell the cart that say up to 16oz total it will only be a certain amount.. then up to like whatever the next weight is the amount will go up to this or that. God, my head is spinning!

Doesn't help that my old webmaster is like MIA and I don't speak html so I'm able to do all the basic edits via cpanel but when I actually need to do something important... screw that! I've been sitting here trying to talk computer science for the past 12 hours!! On top of that raising 5 year old twins!!

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