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Crystal Container Palm Wax


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Finally made one I like and thought I'd share....

I used Crystal Container Palm Wax from Candles and Supplies in PA. Heated to 200 and poured at 180. Was having trouble keeping the wick down so tried pouring just a little to cover the bottom, waited a couple of minutes then poured the rest. I didn't heat the jars they were just at room temp. I used their German Coreless LX30 wick with a jar 3 1/2-4 diameter and am happy with the results. I'm getting the same type burn as I've read about here...digs a little bit of a hole but looked pretty as it burned and it caught up after a couple of hours! Am getting a good throw with 1 oz FO per lb. Used 3 sage green color chips and got a decent color but think I'm going to try liquid color next time for a deeper shade but the feathered look is beautiful and NO wet spots!!

It's been burning for 8 hrs. and has burned just close enough to the sides to leave a thin layer on the glass which looks "really pretty" with the light showing through.

Newbie ~ Anne

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Wow! that is good! Anne! I couldn't get my LX's to work on any size jar, I ordered both from Candle and supplies too! The cold throw was magnificent but the hot throw you can bearly smell it!

I ordered the RRD's and the CSN's and will be testing them in containers this week.

I poured 2 votives (Baby Powder scent) put each one in and test burned them,

The RRD did the best so I am using them in votives, definitely good hot scent throw!

and now I need to test them in containers!

Wish me luck!!!!!! :)

Maybe you can rub off on me and mine will do good!!!!!!!!!:laugh2:


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