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mill creek FO's!!


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I mostly use MC oils and am happy with 98% of them (that I've tried).

Lilac is good for a floral and STRONG!! I only use 6.5 to 7% mixture for my jelly jars and even less for my bigger candles.

I never could get a throw with they're Blackberry Sage or Spiced Sugar plum. Also they're Pumpkin Spice has to cure a good long while before you get throw on that one.

But my absolute favorites from MC is Sweet Pea and White Tea & Ginger. IMO they are better than several other suppliers.

Good luck

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ok i'm jumping in here:cheesy2:. i recommend almost all of them except the black raspberry vanilla, pearberry these are very light throwers. some of the can't live without ones are

sweet orange & chili pepper

berry creme brulee

just peachy mixed 50/50 with strawberry jam. order these 2 & you can make 3 scents. btw this mix is awesome.

clothesline fresh

chestnuts & brown sugar

pink sugar


cool water- men really like this one.

lilac breeze- strong & super great

honeysuckle vine- strong & super great

tulip- strong


countryside heather

spicy ginger bread mixed 50/50 with gourmet sugar cookies. this mix is an awesome one also.

cozy home- omg this is a definate must have.

ok i'm tired of typing most all are excellent oils. good luck choosing. if you need anymore help just pm me.

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chestnuts & brown sugar

tulip- strong


countryside heather

gourmet sugar cookies

I found all of these to be very good throwers as well. One 4oz candle I made with Heather Countryside (415, 6% FO) about knocked me out the door of my 600 sqft front room!

Caramel Apple is also good, as well as their Amber Romance, Estee Lauder Pleasures, Irish Cream Delight, Mediterranean Fig, Night Blooming Jasmine, and Spiced Cranberry.

Fresh Cut Roses is also very strong (although not my preference in a scent).

I did like the cold throw of the Cool Water but couldn't get a very strong hot throw out of it.

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Millcreek's FO's are awesome! I use Ecosoya CB135. Here are the ones that have a great hot and cold throw. I use 7% FO.

Autumn/Seasoned Sage

Berry Crème Brulee

Butt Naked

Cherry Lemonade Yankee type

Christmas Eve, Yank's type

Cinnamon Vanilla

Citrus and Sage, Yank's type

Cookies for Santa

Dutch Apple Pie

Extreme Vanilla

Fresh Picked Mac Apple

Hillbilly Homebrew

Lilac Breeze

Soothing Sandalwood

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper type

Tangerine Lavender

Winter Candy Apple BBW Type

what about hillbilly homebrew?

This one is awesome! One of my favorite fall scents! Men really like this scent also.

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I just placed and order with them for my first time as well. These are the FOs that I got sample sizes of:

Cinnamon Stick

Citrus & Sage

Ylang Ylang Ginger

Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha

Twigs & Berries

French Vanilla

Spanish Melon

Eucalyptus Mist

Plum Crazy

Mountain Lake

Lilac Breeze

Litsea & Basil

Dream Catcher

Raspberry Guava

I am thinking of blending some of the Lilac Breeze with some of the Raspberry Guava. YUM

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