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Making huge batches of Liquid soap


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I used both of of my hand blenders on LS... it gets super duper taffy like, but by that time it's ready to cook and I don't need to blend it anymore (one hand blender has gotten mega hot and the other's plastic blender got stuck in it)...... are you using the LS maker book? you'll need the blender again after about a 1/2 an hour or so if the solution at the bottom hasn't been amalgamated (<-- *l* I just wanted to use "amalgamate"....)

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So you use a regular blender AND a stick blender?

No, I don't have failor. I'm using the directions and formula on Snowdrift Farm's site. I've also read bunches of other things too.

So if I want to formulate my own recipe using soapcalc can I just put the lye water to 3% and input KOH plus oils? Will that give the liquid soap amounts?



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