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The new palm wax


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I got all 3 types and made all 3 candles. First of all...I tried the glass glo in my 3" salsa jars with the CS wicks #12 & 14. I didn't see that much of difference in the burn, so I'm going to use the 12. They burned the same way most of yours are burning, with that thin crusty layer forming, but they all caught up and burned great! I had a full melt pool and clean burn, not much wax at all left on the sides of the jar, if any. I used 1oz FO pp lb of wax and I think the ht could have been better, so I'm going to try 1 1/2oz next time. I was testing a pillar last night at work, its a 3x 6 scented peach. It looked great and was burning nice. Slowly....after about 2 hrs I had a decent melt pool, not to the the sides yet, but not a lot of ht (1oz pp #) That was a 14 wick. I'm thinking after reading all these posts that this is just the way this wax burns, starts off strange but catches up and does fine. What do you all think? And how much FO are you all adding and how is your scent throw? I'm going to light up a jar now and see if I can smell it, got one made with moon lake musk. What are you comments on this wax, I really like it and its easy to work with and easy to wick! TIA Dee

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