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What are the best fos from Kentucky Candle?


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I haven't used KY in a couple of years now, but the oils I used in the past were always good. They usually worked well in my soywax. If you do a search here you will find alot of opinions, also, KY has their own message board on their website and you can get some opinions on scents there also. I just can't think of any of her oils at the moment..LOL..I just know I used them and they worked well!:D

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The Cherry Slush and Amaretto are STRONG :shocked2: I used 1.2 oz and my candle smelled like chloraseptic burning. My tarts would make your eyes water. I backed down to .8 oz per pound and it was MUCH better.

Strawberry taffy smelled good enough to eat but it didn't throw well for me in soy. I still haven't figured out why I bought sweet and creamy but I did. Soon as I figure out what I can mix it with to have a blend of something, I will try it lol

The other's I have tried have been covered by others :D

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CB135 7-7.5% FO

Strawberry Rhubarb~I love this scent and you can smell the strawberries and rhubarb!

Southern Vanilla~ This is a great vanilla for mixing.

Pineapple Supreme~ A very sweet and strong pineapple.

Apple Clove Butter~ Strong but hard to describe.

Teaberry~ Strong, Smells just like the gum!

Lavender Vanilla~Strong, very nice B&B scent.

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Hi - I need to order some supplies from KY and was hoping to get some opinions on their fos? any favorites? thanks for your help!!!

If you have a sweet tooth, these are incredible:

birthday cake

raw cocoa (a must try for any chocolate fan)


creme brulee

Two of their strongest (IMO):

Wildberry Crisp

Cherries and Chestnuts

You need to have a light hand with these two - 1 to 1.2 oz to a lb of soy wax is plenty.

Her fresh peach and mulberry are also standouts, IMO.

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Their Toasted Marshmallow and Creme Brulee are awesome! I was searching for both for awhile and now the search is over! The toasted marshmallow is sweeter than most and doesn't have quite as much of that "burnt" note in it. Most creme brulee's that I tried just didn't smell like actual creme brulee. This is the real deal.

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I'm thinking of ordering 'Midnight Pomegranate' to have for Valentine's Day, so I'm looking for other recs from Kentucky. Found this thread too:


So if you've got anything to add to this thread, I'm all ears! (or eyes, as the case may be.....) Someone in the 'Midnight Pomegranate' thread mentioned 'Downy Rose Vanilla' so I will be checking that one out.


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KY oils are great! Vickey has some excellent FO's, which we primarily use. Now some of that may change since we stumbled across CT a few weeks ago and have starting testing FO's from a few of the other popular suppliers mentioned here.

Here are some of the KY FO's that we've tried in our paraffin/soy blend:

Caramel Pecan Pie - Super strong throw, good luck finding a wax that this one wont throw in. One of our personal favorites

B-Day - Another great thrower

Midnight Promegrante - our favorite version so far

Sugar Cookie - Excellent throw, I smell a little more spice than most. We decided on BCS's sugar cookie, but KY's is a VERY close second. In fact, I doubt most customers would notice a difference.

CinnaVanilla - OMG, perfect OOB!! However, the hot throw has a slightly different scent. Still good, but I like the scent OOB better.

Strawberry Taffy - just like the real thing - great throw

Mandarin Spice - WOW, you have to try this one

G-mas Kitchen - Great throw, but didnt personally like the scent.

Apple Clove Butter - Nice fall scent, great throw, more of a mulled cider to me.

Gift Shoppe - Excellent throw, nice scent. Maybe one of the hardest FO's we've ever had to wick though.

Hot Apple Pie - The best HAP we've found, and a best seller year round!

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Recently tested these in 6006 from KY~~~~

Red Tea--I love it. A fresh strong tea. I think the description says something about currants, but I smell grapefruit--smells awesome.

Southern Vanilla--Another strong thrower. I say vanilla milkshake, husband says cake lol.

Midnight Pomegranate--Strong throw once again--smells exactly like BBW's.

Will definitely buy the Red Tea and Midnight Pomegranate--still want to try CS's Very Vanilla before I make a decision on KY's.

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I just bought samples of her Coconut Cream Pie, and Grandmother's Toddy~~~OMG! The CC PIe is YUM!!!!!!! I am NOT a huge coconut fan at all, but this oil is so bakery, buttery, creamy, just delicious! I hurried it into a jar to test, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed...then I want to try it mixed with that Orange Chiffon or whatever that other oil was that some of you folks mixed it with, that is a must try... AND the Grandmother's Toddy is good too, poured that into tarts, very nice!!

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