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making large candles without modern techniques


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I am working on a project on medieval candles. I need an expert’s opinion on candle-making! A modern candle-maker has modern resources such as rubbers and plastics. I need to know how someone would make a very large candle – specifically an Easter candle – without these materials. Some of the candles weighed 30 kg and were made entirely of beeswax. I am trying to figure out if they would have been made using a mold, or if they would have been made by shaping warmed wax by hand.

I know this is a bizarre inquiry but I also know that someone here may be able to help me. I would very much appreciate and thoughts on this.

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I think they ordered molds from Pourette.... :laugh2:

Im sure there were materials back then to make molds from. You could use wood with a hole drilled into it for a mold or any number of natural things. I could go out in my back yard, dig some red clay fire up a mold any shape I want it, pour wax into it, break or release the wax if it will come out on its own when it cools and there ya go. I dont think they would have used their hands to shape them, but sure, it can be done.. I just dont think thats what they did.


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