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tempature question

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I know this may sound like a dumb question to some, but what is the importantance of heating the wax to 180 +/- and then allowing it to cool before using it in certain applications? What is the difference with just melting it to say 150 +/- and then using it right away without having to wait for it to cool? The reason I'm asking is because I'm new to candles and I like to know the science of the wax so I could possibly experiment with different techniques. Sorry for the long question.



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Well one reason is to incorporate additives or FO most additive need to be mixed at the higher temp because of the different melt point between them. It lead both to a common ground. As for FO's you wax needs time to incorporate it in as will.

This is another reason say you only get your wax to a little past melt point say 150 by the time you add the other stuff you need you have to reheat it other wise it has drop way below pour temps. That is the layman version now if you want the scientific versions you need Top or Alan.

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I have found that not all FO's will blend with the wax if I don't pour them hot. I had quite a few bleed FO after the candle set up, which ended up in the bottom of the container. So, I never add FO when the temp is below 175 degrees. It works well for me, bleeders are as rare as hens teeth now.


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To back up what Fredron said...

I have a vanilla FO that goes to the bottom of the pot when I add it at 180. The mixture turns cloudy when I start to stir, but within 1/2 minute it becomes clear and the fragrance is 100% dissolved.

If I try it at a lower temperature, droplets continue to cling to the bottom of the pot. At that point, I can raise the temperature but it's too late. Somehow the components of the FO have separated and the stubborn part that's left behind takes forever to incorporate, plus I find some gummy residue at the bottom of the pot when I clean it.

You can't go wrong adding FO at 175-180. Lower than that can sometimes cause problems.

As Vicky said, the rest is about melting additives, if you're using any. Whatever temperature it takes. Some of them melt well below 180 and some require much higher. Also some solid colorants disperse better at higher temps.

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