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My first 4 hour Glass Glow Burn Result


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Here is a pic after 4 hours burn time. This is a 3 inch wide diameter jar. The Candle Science wick guide says CSN 14 is for: Glass Glow Palm Wax/3.5 - 4 inch Diameter. The scent is spearmint and the color is hunter green. I personally think this candle needs a bigger wick. This one is throwing great and the spearmint is strong. I have two burning upstairs in Christmas Eve from Millcreek. I have the same size container as this pic as well as an 8 inch jelly jar and can barely smell them.

Grama said hers did catch up and eventually cleaned the jars so we will see what happens on my 2nd and 3rd burn.


*edited to add: Melt pool = 1/4 inch and there is around a 1/2 inch wax hang up on the sides of the jar.

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That looks similar to the burn result I got in my 16 oz apothecary (almost 4" diameter) using the CSN 14. I did have quite a bit more hangup on one side than you do so yours should catch up.

I'm trying 2 LX 12s in the 16 oz now and the burn is looking good! It didn't melt the hang over but beneath that I have a full melt pool.

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