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Solas FO's...a new addiction!

beau's mama

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I got my 1st Solas order the other day & soaped all but 1 yesterday...and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO loving them! I got Lime Basil & Mandarin, Guavaberry(STRONG!), Iced Raspberry, & Lavender Cucumber & Sage...I didn't do the LCS yet...maybe later today. The LCS is smelling a little like Cucumber Melon to me...but with a twist :undecided

I really like them...so, in keeping with the tradition of a true FOHO, anyone have any other Solas recs? I'm looking for some masculine scents that aren't "commercial" smelling, citrus scents, & some soft florals.



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OHHH the LCS is great in soap. I don't smell as much cucumber in it after a few days of cure, the lavender realy pops out. I love their Energy, but brooklyn biscotti is my new Fav! It made great soap and scrub.

LL, I'm using it in M&P....think it will react the same?

Thanks for the recs! Sharon

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Yummy aren't they??

Let's see.....recently I have soaped (CP) Milk & Honey (ROCKS)...Guavaberry (AWESOME)....Cantaloupe Lily (Couldn't wait for the cure so threw it in shower gel!)....Iced Raspberry (nice)...Lemon Sugar (I'm a lemon ho)...all of them are nummy.....so would rock in M&P.

I have A touch of spring, energy, orange smoothy, brooklyn biscotti, white tea and ginger, be delicious....and a few others waiting to be played with.

You *NEED* all these. ROFL.


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Check out this thread - there are some reviews in it.http://candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=41556&highlight=solas+samsara

I did a search for Solas FO's & a gazillion other variations and boy did I open a pandora's box! LOL

I decided to post & in the mean time, schedule a day or night where I could leisurely read through the threads.

Thanks again Hun!

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