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What are the BEST scents from PEAKS???


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I was going to give PEAKS a try since I've heard so many good things about them. Of course I have to get the white tea and ginger but I was also going to buy a sampler. Any suggestions on whats good? It has to be candle safe, soap safe, and B & B safe. Would be better if someone knew how good they were in pure soy wax as well. THANKS!!!!!! :grin2:

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I think I have every Peak's scent there is--except the latest, and the ONLY one I did not like was the Hollyberry & Ivy scent--too earthy for me. I love their Pink Sugar, Brown Sugar & Fig and Casaba Mist would also be nice for B&B.

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I use

Capp. Hazelnut

Lemon Pound Cake


Med. Fig---this is just like DS Polynesian Delights, not a true Med fig, very sweet.

Vanilla Passion, I personally hate it, but everyone LOVES it.

Downy Lav. Vanilla

Most I have tried are strong throwers in our soy

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Oh boy one of my favorite suppliers:

WTG - which you already said as a given

Cinnamon buns - really the best I have smelled

Blueberry Muffin - actually smells exactly like you are baking them

Bayberry - awesome

Sweet Pumpkin Spice - get lots of requests in the fall and winter

Love Spell

Hazelnut Cap.

Grape Cab.

Sweet Pea - great for B & B

Mango Papaya - also great for B & B

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