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Instructions For Double Glassing.


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I have serached and can't find any actual instructions on how to double glass a gel candle with a tea light embed. Has anyone got any links??

I also can't find anywhere in the UK that supplies these glass tealight holders :confused: :undecided I tried searching but kept getting the tea light holders that hold the metal tealight cups, i suppose i need to search for glass tealight cups don't I dohhhh.


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This is stated in the tutorial:

Let cool I do clean up and bubble removal at this point. Do not use the oven or heat lamp methods at this point to remove bubble or your inner container will not stay in place.

What method of bubble removal did she use if not the oven or heat lamp?

I don't do a lot of gel simply because they don't sell as well as wax (just a regional thing I think) but a different bubble removal method is something I'd like to know about! Great tutorial, tho.

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