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Is there a Twelve Step Program for Me?


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Hi my name is Eve and I am a compulsive candle maker.

I have been up every night making candles. I can't stop. Whenever I recieve my fo samples I have to make tarts, candles, etc. And I can't stop until I've put all 8, 10, 12 samples into wax. Does this eventually wear off. Will the day come when I can put the samples aside until another week? Or just do two or three samples in a night?

I've just put 8 fo samps from FOH into wax....but I'm too tired to tell you which ones. Last night I did 8 from Tony's....but I'm too tired to remember what they were.

Oh well, God grant me the serenity and all that jazz.....got to go...it's time to add the fragrance oil and pour.



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No kidding! Wish there were.

Somebody that loves me bought a candlemaking kit for Xmas thinking I would save money making my own candles. Oh, that didn't work at all!

The same person that loves me is now very upset because of my new addiction to Fo's and anything "candle supply" related. I even think the UPS man is upset with me.:embarasse LOL

Good luck to ya!

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At least you are pouring lots and lots of samples. I don't even have time to pour all that I have. Sometimes I just look in my cabinets and drawers in disbelief and wonder how in the world they all got there!! :o Better get busy! Check out the off-topic area about a program for us FOHO's.

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