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OK LAUGH! Can you use SLS as a STRAIGHT bubble bath?


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Did you order SLS or SLSa. It is quite important that you know which product you will be using.

There was just a thread a week ago about SLS and I posted about 4 links with information. Maybe you should try a quick search with SLS to find it.

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This is a recipe I use and it has lots of bubbles that really last. I make this for my 2 & 3 year old grandsons and they just love it.

Silky Suds

16 oz. baking soda

4 oz. citric acid

8 oz. sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (SLSA)

7 oz. sea salt

3.5 oz. dry non-fat milk

fragrance oil (25 drops, more or less)

skin safe colorant, if desired

1. Place baking soda, fo and colorant in a gallon ziplock bag and zip shut. Make sure you squeeze the air out of the bag first. Knead the bag as if you were kneading bread dough. This will help to work in the fo and colorant. You may need to keep adding colorant until you reach the desired shade. Colorant is tricky...you don't want to add too much so add a drop at a time. You can always add more. Remember that you will be diluting the color so to speak when you add the rest of the ingredients.

2. Once you've reached your desired color, add the citric acid and SLSA. Again, knead the bag.

3. Add your sea salt and dry milk. Again, knead the bag.

Add 3 tbsp. to bath.

You can leave out the SLSA, for a regular milk bath. The SLSA makes it a bubble bath.

I think this recipe came from Snowdrift Farm, but just can't remember and right now can't get their site to pull up.

I think you will really like this recipe.


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The above recipe is awesome! Carmen posted it on the board years ago and I know we thoroughly enjoyed it.

You could make bubbling bath bombs and not have to do scoops for the bath lol. That stuff does bubble like no tomorrow. Try using a mask with it when you're incorporating as it will make you cough and sneeze and it doesn't take much disturbance to start the reaction.

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I agree silky suds is great. It never looses its bubble power and the bombs do. I just finished some I probably made over two years ago and the bubbles are incredible. Bath bombs loose their bubbling effect in a couple of months. At least mine did. I love bombs too but the SS was just so much nicer.


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You're asking whether you can add it directly to your bath to make it foam?  Certainly you can.  It won't foam as efficiently as it would if you included even a small amount of a foam stabilizer, but it does work.


These guidelines about the percentage you can include in a preparation may safely be ignored.  You'll be achieving a certain concentration of SLSA in your bath water.  Whether you get there by dissolving a little pill of pure SLSA (well, as pure as it comes; there'll always be a substantial percentage of sodium sulfate and other process "leftovers" in it) or a larger mass of mixed powder of SLSA with other stuff is immaterial.  Nobody asks what the safe limit of soap is, right?  You can use a solid cake of soap.  But the makers of other surfactants, thru the CIR, have set limits based partly on testing and partly just conservatism; they have not established that higher concentrations, used properly, are unsafe.


The thing about SLSA, though, is limited solubility.  I seem to recall you could get only about 4% solution in water at room temperature.  This is why it's not very popular in liquid formulations.  You might be able to increase that percentage somewhat with other surfactants in the solution solubilizing it.

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