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New postal rates


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Doesn't much affect me, but sounds like it could hurt anyone that mails a lot. Story on the local news said the new rates will be based on size AND weight of everything, including regular old envelopes. So even if your envelope or package is within the weight for certain postage the odd size of a package or thickness of an envelope will up the postage. Link http://www.usps.com/communications/newsroom/2007/pr07_023.htm . This announcement mentions the shape-based pricing, but they went into more detail on our news & made it sound worse, so not sure how bad it will end up being.


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^Yes, they do, but the new change is not only for odd-shaped items.

The new system, Shape Based Pricing, will take the weight & dimensions of all types of packages into account.

Here's some useful info: PDF of Rates & Fees / FAQs / In-Depth PDF about the changes

Random things:

+For example, in First-Class Mail, a 2-ounce letter will cost $0.58; a 2-ounce flat, $0.97; and a 2-ounce parcel, $1.30.

+Letters can now only go up to 3.5oz. Heavier and they will be charged the flats (large envelopes) rate.

+Priority Flat-Rates: Envelopes - $4.50

Boxes - $9.15

+First Class: The first ounce increases to $0.41, but the additional ounces decrease to $0.17.

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