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Glass Glow ??? for the BTDT's

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OK, I'm totally intrigued... it has a higher melt point than the soys, but needs wicked down vs soy? It needs no cure time and doesn't frost, but crystalizes really cool on the glass... and with the higher melt point will probably retain fragrance better, right?

For those who have tried it- can an apothocary jar be single wicked with this wax without burning too deep before reaching the sides??? Does the melt pool recrystalize upon rehardening?

Please!!! Someone single wick an apoth for me!!! I'm living vicariously through you (while making my list for CandleScience....)


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Kristi I double wicked my 10 oz with 2 12's. I did single wick a 5 oz apoth with 1 12 and it is burning now, made in cranberry marmalade which smells very good :drool: . It seems to be burning good right now after about 45 minutes. Will burn the 10oz later today or tomorrow and see how it does. hth

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