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USPS Question


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I'm trying to mail an FO via USPS. I don't know the flash point (I've contacted the supplier but haven't heard back from them yet). I'd like to mail this package today, if possible. However, I'm not sure what to say at the post office when they ask me about the package.

How do others normally mail packages via USPS? Or is it best to just use UPS? I'd rather not as it's only a sample size FO that I'm sending to someone. Any advice is appreciated. Thanx.

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You should be able to mail this ground without any problems. As long as it is only ONE container, and that container is less than 32 oz. I don't know of any supplier that sells FOs with FPs of less than 100, which is the minimum it can be and still ship. You can only have ONE bottle in there with the lower flash points. Since you don't know what it is, you should definitely send it ground to make sure it's within the laws.

Be sure to mark the outside of the box GROUND ONLY. I know there's a code that's supposed to be written. Something like OMD, or ORM. Ask the PO, they'll know. This will ensure it doesn't get tossed on a plane if they happen to have extra room. It will keep your box securely on the ground.

Hope all this helps. My brain is more than a little befuddled this morning. I just sucked up probably 12 gallons of water out of our carpet this morning when we had a flood in our bathroom. Found out from the maintenance guys that some lever inside wasn't adjusted right. All I want to do is go back to bed and start my day over.

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