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Red dye chips just won't dissolve...

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I have a few colors of the dye chips that I use. All of the colors dissolve fine in the wax EXCEPT the cranberry one. Even when I use just a smidgeon of it to make another color, I still get those evil little red dots all over the bottom of my candle. :angry2:

I put the dye chips in my melting pot while it's on the heat to give it a jump start on dissolving....

Is red just a stubborn color?? I have some red liquid dye ordered an on the way to see if that works better, but does anyone know the trick to getting red to dissolve? Could it be that my wax doesn't like red (KY perfect blend)?

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I had the same problem not only with the dark red but with red, christmas red, brown, dark pink. I was so frustrated with color chips in general that I was thinking about making all of my candles without color. I finally purchased some dyes from someone on this board to play around with and all I can say is that I'll NEVER go back to chips again. The dyes are wonderful, distribute the colors evenly and no little unmelted chips. My colors are the same from batch to batch. I also noticed that my colors are much more vibrant. I know this doesn't answer your question. I never did figure out why they never did completely melt.

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