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candle dye for soap?


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We have just started doing some basic MP soap. Is it ok to use liquid dye that we use for candles...or food coloring?? We appreciate any help you can give us..

p.s. what about whitening powder that we use for our candles?

Thank you :D

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Candle dye is not skin safe... a really bad idea.

You can use food coloring if you are not selling it and it is for your own use. It often does not stay true in your soap once you add the FO and it cures.

The biggest thing to remember is candle 'stuff' is not skin safe so don't put it in your soap.



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Crayon, like Food Coloring, isn't approved for skin (cosmetic) products. If you're only using this for yourself and very immediate family (I would qualify this as anyone living IN your home), and you really want to, then feel free. But if you're giving any away, I'd recommend just making an uncolored soap rather than a soap with an unapproved colorant in it. The FDA is very clear about what types of colorants can and cannot be used in cosmetic products. And there are reasons, some we may never be able to fathom, for WHY the colorants are or are not approved.

IMO, it's better to make an uncolored soap than one with unapproved colorants, even if it's just for yourself.

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Is food coloring not a FD&C colorant?

Hi Lindsay!

Some are and some may not be. You'll have to check the labels for each color. If it has that all-important "C" (standing for Cosmetic), then it's safe to use in our applications. If it doesn't, it shouldn't be used in any kind of skin product.

A lot of the food approved dyes are also approved for cosmetics. I don't know for sure that ALL of them are. So I always recommend reading the ingredient listing. Some food colorants may also have other ingredients in there as well (such as the infamous wilton icing pastes for bath bombs). Yes, they're FD&C approved, but all those other additives in their product also need to go on the ingredient listing for YOUR product.

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