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FO Question (maybe a supplier can answer)


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Samples - why are the specials only run on the 1oz'rs...then alot of suppliers say 1 of each.

Heck I can't test my nose with a 1oz of nothing.

Honestly I would need at least 8 ounces to properly test - but would settle for 4oz......I appreciated the sale AH/RE had this weekend.

Why don't more suppliers offer big specials on the 4oz - 8oz?

Just wondering :cheesy2:

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I actually have only seen two suppliers who offer the "variety packs/sampler packs" in 4 oz or bigger bottles.......


I agree, 1 oz is really hard to test but if they feel 1 oz per pound of their oil is sufficient they are seeing it as this is enough to make 1 lbs of candles which is a couple test candles.

*sneaks off to go buy more samplers from Kim now :tiptoe:

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