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Candle Leveler Base and Angle from Candlewic

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I just use the level one....not the angel. I love mine. I put it on a cookie sheet or electric frying pan and level my candles. It has a little bit of a rough surface and you can adjust the heat setting......When there is a bunch of wax in the pan....I can turn it on for a few seconds and pour it out....or if I do it on a coolie sheet....just break it off. I use an electric frying pan for hurricanes because I save that wax as it isn't scented and pour it in the middle of my canes for extra fill. Donita Louise

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You sit it on top of a cookie sheet or pan to catch the excess wax? And I assume there is a mechanism to level the surface? I really wish there were more instructions on the ordering page. I can tell it is a very simple product but seriously, I cannot visualize how it is used - why it would cost so much. If it has a base that levels with a mechanism, sure, but it if is just a hot surface, not so much! I want a nice visual demo of this in use with the angle. It bothers me to no end that I cannot totally visualize this product.

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Visualize the heater sitting on the rectagular metal plate that's tilted up from the base. It fits pretty neatly. You hold the candle against the "vertical" thingie to keep it perpendicular to the heater while the bottom melts. The only reason for the whole shebang being tilted is to let the wax to run off. HTH.

Donita is correct that the aluminum surface of the heating plate is rough, but that cover you see over it gives you a smooth result.

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Okay, I am pretty sure I finally get it! Well, sort of. The description on the Candlewic site was just so unclear to me for some reason.

If I am reading you correctly, the following exhibit a would be the correct usage:


This would be incorrect:


I thought the last image was correct from trying to read the description and it made NO. SENSE. whatsoever.

Do you use this, Top? I currently use a griddle. It works fine but they wear out eventually and frankly, I want a long(er) term solution. I level in the mold and would continue to do so with this.

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