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First Votives, couple questions

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I've just made my first 6 votives. I used 14oz wax and 0.9fo.

Theres some wax left, so will try 13oz and 0.8fo next time.

I added 1/2 teaspoon of vybar, not sure why, just thought I ought too ;)

Could I have put less in with the vybar, or more? The scent throw is amazing.

There are tiny pin pricks on the outside of one, its already slipped out the mould, wasn't me honest :)

I used 135mp paraffin plus the 1/2tsp vybar and had to do 3 repours, was pouring at 175, then 2nd at 185, 3rd was whatever it flaming well was at, at that point :)

Last question ;)

What other wax can you use for votives? I've got soy cb135 and pb too.

Any suggestions/advice,


btw, they are purple with a Nag Champa fo

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i know you can do soy pillar votives, cause i made a boo boo and made them with container!! suffered major frosting:cry2: but nat did give good tip to gently rub the outside of them with a pair of tights! i did that and aslo blasted them with hair dryer (heat gun still to be bought)

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I made another out of what was left, weighs 2 oz, so I'm sure 12oz would do it next time.

How do you make the wicks stick afterwards? I've threaded them through, heated the bottom of the votive with hair dryer, but its still not stuck.

Don't they have to be stuck in place?

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You used about 6% FO for your votives - did the vybar "hold" the FO in the votive ok - i.e. it did not feel oily. I think I am using too much stearin and not enough FO (only 4.5 - 5%) and my scent throw is not as strong as I want it to be. I also only use a straight paraffin wax.

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nope they don't feel oily at all :)

Can't understand why the pin pricks though' date=' I'll try a different pouring temp tomorrow[/quote']

The pin prick holes are from pouring too hot. Try heating your wax to 180, adding your color and fragrance, stirring for 2 minutes and pouring.

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I have some LX8 wick and it says ok for votives. I've got some 20mm sustainers' date=' anyone know if they are too big or doesn't that part matter?

50 pre-tabbed wicks cost me £3.00, so surely its cheaper to make your own[/quote']

Sustainer size does not matter. I could not get the LX-8's to work for me with votives. I find the LX-10 and LX-12 to be perfect.

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There are tiny pin pricks on the outside of one' date=' its already slipped out the mould, wasn't me honest[/quote']

I heat my votive molds in a toaster oven (see pic) at about 200*F-250*F for about 10-15 minutes, I can get 14 molds in the oven at a time, in the pan on one rack. Then with a ove-glove (see pic) I take them out, place on a cookie sheet and place in the wick pins and pour at 180*F-200*F. I get nice and shinny votives every time.




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