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Chocolate Mint & HP


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You guys were so right this soaping is so addictive. My hubby is just as bad as me now we want to soap everyday LOL. So I'm ready to make another batch tomorrow :D

This is my best cp batch yet, BCN Hershey Chocolate w/peppermint. I colored it with cocoa powder. It smells soooo yummy you want to take a bite out of it LOL.

I did some CPHP over the weekend to try it out, the smell was horrible, but it turned out really nice I think. This I made unscented :)



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They're both nice. Is the white one HP or CPOP? I like your rat too!:D

The white one is CPHP :) Thank you we just rescued him :)

I think I have the same mold as you used for the Chocolate Mint. Is it sorta like a PVP drain pipe, rectangular shape with waves on the sides?

Yup it's the long rain gutter thing lol. It makes such lovely bars, I really love it :)

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