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oil cleanising method question


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I just tried this today with

caster/jojoba/teatree-OCM...Loved it. :D

I wondered if you need to use toner, my current toner is (ACV,witch hazel peppermint leaves) after the oil cleansing method?

My skin was a bit taught after OCM so maybe I should moisturize with a little jojoba/aloe gel?

What is you experience with this, and do you add olive oil to your OCM- not sure if that would cause break outs for me.


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I don't use OO in my OCM, but that's because I don't like OO. And I'm seen people talk about how they break out more with OO, so it's probably an individual thing.

I don't use toner, I just use my facial serum to hit the high points around my eyes and nose.

You can really change the feel of the OCM by the amount of castor oil you use. Castor is the real workhorse of the mix, so if you're skin is feeling too clean, you can back it down. I think I use it around 40% now.

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You basically clean with oil instead of soap

My mix is caster oil 1/3 , 2/3 jojoba...I had these switched at first and was too cleansing so added the extra jojoba.

Message your face , neck with oil for several minutes.

Then let it set for about 5-15 min (I leave on while I shave in shower)

then get a washcloth wet with hot water and place on face until it cools down

Then repeat wetting cloth and placing on face again. Can repeat as you wish.

Finally remove oil gently with warm washcloth

Your skin will be smoothe and clean

I do put jojoba oil on afterwards as my skin seemed tight first time.

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I am no quite the authority on this but it is supposed to be very cleansing and better than using drugstore remedies

I have been using a liquid castile soap mixed with other oils for cleansing for a month now and my skin has improved 80%...So I thought I would try cleansing without soap, just the oils..

Caster oil is the cleansing part, make sure you are messaging gently not scrubbing , and yes I believe it does wonders to clean out pores,

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I use this method too with Castor, FCO and Jojoba. I do moisturize very lightly after cleansing. I make a light facial moisturizer and use it very sparingly. I really like the OCM method. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now. After 2 weeks, I did start to break out a bit, but this is fairly normal for me as I often break out when using new products after a week or so. I kept using it and things cleared up. I have noticed that when I do breakout, they are very short lived. It's almost here one day gone the next. My skin feels smooth and I am noticing a big improvement in the blackheads.

Ann M

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So, EVOO (60%) & CO(40%)? Can you use soybean oil instead of EVOO? I can't stand the smell of OO let alone put it on my face. Is it the CO that is the cleansing part? This is very intriguing to me and I want to try it, it would be nice to finally find something to get rid of the blackheads, I bet this would be very moisturizing and help prevent the horrible wrinkles, or am I just dreaming? LOL

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