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Some weight figures, last time I promise

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Ok, now I have my scales I think I have this weight this sorted. Would just like an experts view on it pretty please.

I've worked out the amount of wax needed in my pillars, by filling with water and multiplying the fl oz by 0.86 to give me the ounces required in wax.

i.e. a pillar is 11 fl. oz of water, x 0.86 = 9.46oz (270gms)

so 1oz of FO to 1lb of wax.

to work out how much fo for 9.46 ounces of wax............

I've divided 1oz (fo) by 16 = 0.0625 and just times that by 9.46 which equates to 0.59 oz of FO

pillar needs 9.46oz of wax and 0.59oz of FO

someone please tell me thats correct because if it is, I can work them out and Bob's my aunties milkman :D

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Yup, you figured 1 oz pp correctly.

1 oz pp usage rate actually makes it extra simple. Just divide the number of ounces of wax by 16. So 9.46 / 16 = .59.

For a different amount of FO you multiply that number by the usage rate. For instance 1.25 oz pp is 1.25 x .59 = .74.

FYI if you're using round or square/rectangular molds there are calculators on the site that let you just enter the dimensions.


Odd shapes you'll have to do with water.

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I'm sat her thinking please answer TOMH, please answer TOMH lmao


going to put it in a spreadsheet and get myself a little card printed off to sit next to my moulds. Going to measure all the diam etc too for wick and do a sheet for them.

It's time to get sorted ;)

I did look at that calculator but thought it was just for containers i.e. jars/tins rather than pillars.

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I've looked at that calculator link. I've tried it for a round mould, but it varies a lot between that and the water and x .86 method.

Its 2.75inches diameter by 5.5 inch length, it holds 15fl oz of water. The calculator says 16oz of wax, the .86 method says 12.9oz of wax.

dunno which is best to go with now

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