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Masque on... masque off!


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I tried out a simple masque with french pink clay, cocoa powder, tapioca starch and rice bran oil. Was thinking of making little packets that contain 1-2 uses for Mother's Day to go with my soaps and maybe a body scrub.

I'm seriously considering adding "CAUTION: May frighten little children" to the label though...

This is... just after I'd slathered the stuff on. I smelled like hot chocolate, yum. (On a side note, pink clay and oatmeal in water smells terrible. That was my first try.)


This is while I was trying to remove it. It was tough. I ended up a dark pinky color, like I went psycho with my blusher, though it's not really noticeable in the picture, so I raised my arm for a skin comparison. At that point I realized that I might need something tougher than plain water so I lathered up my shea butter soap.


Tada! After removing everything.


My skin's softer, but I'm thinking of using a lighter oil like jojoba so it won't be so tough for me to remove :tongue2:

Suggestions are welcome!




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Looks great!

I have to chuckle a bit though because when my teen son, grandson and all of their friends would come over to hang out they would eat every thing in sight ( much to my 14 yr old daughters dismay )

She made a big bowl of chocolate pudding and put it in the fridge with this note taped to the top.


2 yrs later this is still kind of a family joke.

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Thanks! :embarasse

Actually, Christina, I get my soaps from a girlfriend in the Philippines cos lye comes under the Poisons Act here so it's hard to get it :cry2: I'm helping her market them here in Malaysia. I'm doing up the rest of the other B&B - whipped shea butter, scrubs, masques, etc, though I haven't quite finished tweaking my recipes as you can see :D I'm not sure where she gets her kojic acid but there seems to be a LOT of it in the Philippines. I think it's the pure kojic acid powder though, not the dipalmitate.

Sheila, that's funny :grin2:

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