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Ok thinking about that first wax

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I've got my eye on 3 different vendors.

Tennessee Candle Which is the farthest from me.

Ky Candle and Bluegrass candle which are about the same.

Only thinking of shipping costs there. In case your wondering about how in the world can the TN place be further away than KY for an AR girl. Well I am in the north east corner. I'm about an hour from Missouri.

So I really want to go with all soy, but I really don't understand the benefits of a blend. All I have read says that it might stick to the containers better, and not frost as much.

Anyways, I'm thinking TN Celestial Soy. Ky 125 the new improved version. And from Bluegrass I'm not sure which one. They sound about the same.

I have heard that Bluegrass is sometimes slow to ship, so I'm still kinda on the fence with that one. I figure what the heck I could give them a try and then I would know for myself. Then I think dang what if I try the wax and it's a fav. and then I have to wait forever to get the next shippment. LOL

I am going to use a straight sided 8oz. Mason Jar. I can actually get them in bulk locally. Arkansas Glass Container Corporation is like 5 mins. from my house. So I like that I can get that locally, no shipping, YEAH.

Now wicks.... uuuuugggggghhhhhhhh

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You stated KY 125 the new improved version. I could be wrong, but I don't think the new version is KY 125 it is the Perfect Blend. Also, you cannot go wrong with the customer service at KY. Vickey is really great to work with.

I will have to agree with what you heard about Bluegrass being slow at times. But it is been a while since I ordered so don't know how they are now.

I have never purchased from Tennessee Candle so can't say one way or another about them.

Maybe purchase a sample from both KY and Bluegrass since they are closer to you and see which you like the best.

Good luck.

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Do you mean the new and impoved Perfect Blend from KY? The KY125 is soy with cottonseed. The Perfect Blend is the soy/paraffin blend. I just got my KY order yesterday afternoon and will be pouring some test candles today.

If you decide to order from KY, you might want to try a few samples of her fragrance oils. Her apple pie has been my best seller since day one. TN has a lot of good fragrances too. I've never ordered from BG and I've read that they are OOS on fragrances a LOT. Isn't BG's soy Golden's 415? If I was going to order pure soy wax I would order it from KY. Vickey is VERY helpful and she has a messageboard on her site where you can get help with KY's products. IMO she is one of the best suppliers we have.


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So I really want to go with all soy, but I really don't understand the benefits of a blend. All I have read says that it might stick to the containers better, and not frost as much.

I'm still brand new to all of this, but my first wax purchase was the KY Perfect Blend & KY Parasoy (for my tarts). To me, both are fantastic waxes and I don't see myself every trying anything else. The only minor problem I had in the beginning were sinkholes....got that one fixed with a simple solution. Basically, my only problems at this point is getting the right colors I want. :)

I think some people enjoy candlemaking for the science that it involves, so they go with either all paraffin or all soy...that way, they get to play around with additives, etc. I personally don't have the time to play "mad scientist", so I prefer the blended waxes.

With my KY Perfect Blend, it's been a breeze....and I have to agree with what Maggie said....the customer service (and Vickey) is top notch!!

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I meant perfect blend. LOL

Can you tell I have been to, too many sites. Everything is all jumbled up in the noggin!

TN candle isn't much farther, so I might try them as well.

From what I have read do most people prefer the htp wicks?

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My first experience was with GB444 in a kit from JBN. I tried the all soy from Millcreek then Bluegrass. Hated both, went back to the GB444 after 50lbs of each of the others. Lucky for me, I was dipping lots of snowmen at the time. I think that your decision for wax is totally personal preference. Everyone has different opinions and expectations from wax and different shipping options. I guess that is what all the testing that everyone is talking about is for. Good luck with whatever choice you make, just try to keep an eye on shipping costs involved, that'll kill ya'.

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I am located in the Nashville, TN area. I have ordered wax from KY Candle, Candle Science, soycandle.com and Millcreek. I have never ordered from Bluegrass because they have too many items out of stock for me to want to do business with them, especially if its an item I know I will be using and needing.

Ironically, Millcreek and Candle Science had the cheapest shipping.

I would start with samples to see what you prefer. I don't care for the old KY perfect blend but Vicky's customer service is top notch. She has been very helpful to me with all my questions and took the time to answer each of them. I am going to try the new perfect blend because they reformulated it to help with the cracking that I had issues with. Candle Science will ship the same day if you get your order in before 3 est. I had my wax from Soy Candle within 2 days of placing an order. Millcreek took 2 days to ship my order but I can't complain with that at all. Their prices were better than other suppliers.

After testing several waxes. I really like the GB 415 (100% soy). I am still trying to get the kinks out of the GB 444.

Several supplier sites have a shipping calculator so you can calculate your shipping before you place an order. If shipping is the issue, I would start with that then decide on the wax you want to test and use.

My wick preference is the CD's. This is followed by the RRD and LX wicks. I didn't have the luck with the HTP wicks that others have had.

I think as you can see from my post and others, it all comes down to preference and need. You will find the combination that works for you and you will be addicted like the rest of us :D lol

Good Luck in whatever you choose!

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