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GL Favs?


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I posted on their site with no response so thought I would try here. I have a sample of the "Violet Musk" and found it to be a nice strong fragrance. I don't normally like florals but I'm trying to cross the borders and capture some variety that I wouldn't normally buy. I would love some suggestions :D

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OH - I love the violet musk:drool: I also have Polynesian Black ginger (votivo dupe I think), Pomona's Orchard, Indonesian Teakwood, Patchouli Valencia, Tuscan Patchouli, Christmas Buttered Rum and renamed to Hot buttered Rum after Christmas, Maduro, Sarsen. They have some new ones in I would really like to try but trying very hard to refrain:cry2: I will probably order the Patchouli & Clove when they have that one. All the Patchouli mixes have been good. Not crazy about patchouli alone but love it mixed with other scents. Got Bird of Paradise and Magic of India samples which are good also. Hope this helps.


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GL has some great oils. Here are my favs:

Antahala Vanilla

Indonesian Teak

Strawberry Musk - one of the best I've found

Strawberries n Cream

Violet Musk - I haven't poured it yet but it reminds me of those Violets candies




Grapefruit Watermelon - strong and fruity!

Brenda has great oils and good customer service.

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I have no idea if they smell like wine since I too don't drink it. But, I can tell you that neither one smelled like what I thought it would smell like and don't smell like wine to me. I've poured White Zinfindel (from another company) and to me that smelled like wine and what I though it would smell like. Both are very nice though and throw well in soy. I use a personal soy blend, HTP wicks, 8% FO and widemouth jars.

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