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pouring temperatures

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I add my FO at 170F stir lots & pour at between 90 & 100F, I don't usually dye my soy tho so I can't help with that. Try different pour temps within the range to see what gives you the best results. I've found some FO's affect the way the top sets up so when I get a funky looking top I heat gun it to smooth it out.



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Hi i heat my wax to 190 and add FO around 170-180 and stir while cooling pour at 100-120. i have to say the temps depend on my candle room temp. if its cold i have to pour candles closer to 100 because they cool to fast and cave around the wick.

i dont use alot of dye in my soy candles just enough to tint them so they all arent white . I dye in bulk though i will make an enitre pot of pink or what ever colour and then when it hardens the whole thing comes out so when i want to make candles that would be pink its easier than dying one batch at a time. i heat to 190 and use liquid dye. stir stir stir. Happy chandling

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