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tins and glass jars

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1. Some people warm their jars, some people don't. I personally don't. It just depends on what works the best for you with your wax.

2. The best pouring temp depends on the wax you are using. When I poured soy, I would usually pour around 100 degrees. Now I use a 50/50 parasoy blend and I pour around 150-160. It is best to check with your supplier to see what the pouring temp is for the wax you are using.

Hope this helps. If you tell us what wax you're working with, you will probably get more specific answers ... there may be others that use the same wax. :smiley2:

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I never heat up the tins. Since they are an alloy they hold the heat almost instantly. I use 415 and I don't heat up the jars because it is poured so cool. But with the blends its best to warm up the jars because you want it to cool slowly not rapidly.

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