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Packaging tarts for family members....

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Because I'm only making tarts as a hobby right now, I don't want to spend alot of money on packaging these up for my family members....they're great people and all....just not great enough for fancy packaging. :)

I'm making an assortment of flavors and will want to give each of them one or two of each kind. I know not to package them all together or the scents will run together.

Any suggestions? Looking for an extremely cheap alternative to cello bags....

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Before I went to the clamshell packaging I use to buy the I think 3x5 bags(not sure on exact size but something like 3x5 it's been awhile LOL) from Hobby Lobby for a dollar something for a bag of 100 ...I was a bit leary because I didnt know if they would "suck" the scent out of my tarts but they worked great and never had a problem with them. They are the Hobby Lobby brand ones not the Wilton one but Wilton bags work great too but I think those run about 4 dollars and some change for 100 so if you have a Hobby Lobby around go check those out!


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The only Hobby Lobby close to me shut down. :( However, at Michaels, I did find some small party bags (around the same size you mentioned). They aren't the crinkly type, more of a clear plastic....would these work??

Also, once I have the tarts individually wrapped, can I place them all in one larger gift bag, or will the scents still blend?

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