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Storing Container Candles...

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First of all, I'd like to thank everyone that has helped me in this venture. You've all be so wonderful and giving of advice. What a blessing to me!

I recently made some container candles and was wondering where I should store them....in warm temps or cool temps? In the house, or in the garage? :P

Does storage temp make a difference in curing and scent throw?

Thanks so much for suggestions!

Suzy, Chicago Burbs

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Hi! I have a candle shop that is 20x40 feet and I do not keep the a/c on all summer long. I have found that in the Texas heat the bakery scents tend to bleed the oils, like the vanillas, etc.... The rest of our shop gets very hot, I would think like a closed garage, so I wouldn't suggest that. The house sounds better. HTH!

I love this board as well!

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Wow...lucky you to have a 20 X 40 shop! I have a 20 X 20 family room I suppose I could convert to a candle shop, but then hubby would probably kick me out since he has to have his big screen TV. lol :shocked2:

However, I still would love that shop size!

Thanks for the tips, too!


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