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Testing Tarts....how long?

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I understand that testing wicked candles takes lots and lots of time before even thinking of selling them.

But what about tarts? Would the same rule apply? I just wouldn't think that you would have to test them for months and months before being able to come to the conclusion that they are "safe" and won't burn someones house down. Aren't you really just testing them for scent throw?

I'm just asking...curious ONLY....please don't anyone crucify me thinking that I'm off to sell my tarts after only a few weeks of doing this.



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Okay, then again for just asking purposes....if I ever did get to the point of being confident that my tarts are doing well, do I have to have some sort of license to sell them on ebay or at a flea market?

If it's just a hobby, no. In my state you are not considered a business unless you sell over $500.00 per year. Then you need to regestier for a tax # and business licenses. Check with your local and state tax office.

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I also had to go thru the local zoning administrator to make sure I could get a license because my business is home based.

Its not that hard-- go to the Small Business Administration website and look up your local affiliate member and give em a call. Won't cost anything and they will give you advice on where to go to get your license, if you need one, how much, etc.

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