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peak's Lavender


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Hi all, I have this new scent to test, I read I should use less then 1 oz pp.. okay, I will do so.

But when i smelled OOB I smelled something thats not even close to the lavender I'm used to, the perfumey kind, that I hate, it reminds me of old ladies LOL

Is this the real floral lavender? it happens I never smelled a lavender field! peak on their site say it's a classic lavender but to me the classic lavender is the perfumey type, any opinion? So I will be able to tell customers (customers??? where are they???) exactly what it is. BTW I loved it OOB.

I'm going to pour it right now!


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OOB is not a good way to review this scent. And do 1/4 ounce per pound (give or take) because of the strength of it. Another suggestion (and it sells well for me) is to add vanilla passion to it, it tends to give it more of the perfume scent you may be familiar with, and it rounds out the bitterness that tends to come with this oil if you use too much. Good luck! I actually love this FO now that I know not to use too much oil.

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