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Newbie venturing into tarts with ?

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Usually 1 to 1.5 oz per lb is called for... but less for stronger scents. For example, I have a spring rain that is so strong i only use 3/4 oz per lb.

I guess experimenting is the only way to go!

The good thing about tarts is that over-scenting won't clog wicks.... but it will make the tarts sticky!


Good luck!:)

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I am using the KY Parasoy. I have oils from various suppliers. I think alot depends on the scent as to whether you need 1 oz or up to 1.5 oz per pound. I think it also depends on whether you are using an electric tart warmer or a tealight warmer. My electric warmer tends to use up the scent quicker because of the constant heat temps. I wish the electric warmers had a temp gauge on them to start out low and turn the heat up so to speak as the scent starts throwing so if its too strong, we can tone it down.

An example of how oils can vary is, I ordered Cherry Slush and Amaretto from KY Candle. 1.5 oz will make your eyes water and run you out of a big room til it tames down but the Strawberry taffy was a light throw for me at the 1.5 oz. I have noticed that other scents that contain a caramel or nut in it throw great at the 1 oz mark. I have some banana nut bread and Caramel praline that are strong with only 1 oz. Floral scents also seem really strong to me at 1.5 oz so I have been using 1 oz.

It's a pain in the butt at first but I would suggest very small batches of each oil until you see if the scent you have is too strong or not. Maybe if you list some of the FO's you ordered, we can tell you if we have tried them, if they are strong or if you need the full 1.5 oz per pound.

Happy Tart Making!


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