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Just A Few Chunk Candles


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Been having some fun making chunk candles. This ball mould is great - it is from Peaks - wish I had bought more than one though.:rolleyes2 These are not scented as I have had a bad cold and if I cannot smell what I am pouring then I may as well have a break from the FO´s for a few days.:(




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Thanks for the nice comment. The chunks are coloured and then I used straight paraffin without stearic for the overpour. I just realised that the two yellow ones are not chunks, but just layered white and yellow - bit of a pain and a lot of the frosting got stuck in the mould the first couple of times. After increasing the temp a bit they got better.

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Those are really lovely, the colours just work soo well. Well done you.

How come your balls don't have a seam mark around them??


Hi Anjie, thanks, I love the Spring colours, but will have to scent them next. I use a fantastic two part aluminium mould from Peaks. They are out of stock at the moment, but I want to order a few more and try some smooth candles in them. It is such a pleasure not to have to take off the seam, because I usually dig my knife or the potters tool I use, in too deep and make a right royal mess. I have found though that if I carefully remove a ball candle from a saturn mould before it is completely cool, then the seam is a bit easier to remove.:smiley2:

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