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facial bar Please help !


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:o I need help trying to formulate a facial bar

I have read that coconut oil can cause allergic reactions so I would like to keep this out of the facial bar

This is some of what I have, (can get other oils if I knew which to use.)

Neem oil



caster oil

olive oil

canola oil

virgin cocconut oil ( would like to not use this for face if possible)

I have never made cp soap so I am still researching and have a few formulas but all of them have coconut oil

If you have any suggestions on what oils to use, I would be so happy!:grin2:

This would be a bar for -mature oily skin that is prone to cystic acne

I would be adding calendula, red clover and chamomile to this bar as an


I would like this bar to also have neem at around 10% and jojoba 1 oz per lb.

Oh ya, lather would be good, not sure how to achieve that without coconut oil.

So far that is all I can come up with

Please give you helpful advise, :embarasse



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If you do not include coconut or some other type of hard oil, your batch will be too soft and melt fast in the shower.

Most irritations caused from coconut are from using it over 25% in your recipe. If you are scared to go that high, at least go with 15% so you can have some stable lather. The addition of Castor oil will make some soft bubbles as well.

Out of the other oils you listed, I would just go with Olive, you can do without sunflower and canola since they will make your recipe too soft without the addition of more hard oils.

A little bit of neem won’t hurt, but leave out the jojoba. I find jojoba works best when applied directly on the skin, like in lotions or creams, and looses most of its properties when added to CP soap.

For oily skin, try adding some French Green Clay to your batch, about 1T per lb of oils, it will also help to give you a harder bar. Also Essential oils work well with healing, such as Lavender, Spearmint, Lemon, and Tea Tree.

Keep in mind that soaps can only help heal acne and prevent some of the oiliness and clogging of the pores on the outside. Most acne is caused by hormones and dysfunctional pores. Problems arising on the inside of your body, that soaps and washes can not help.

Here is a suggestion:

Castor 10%

Coconut 15%

Olive 65%

Neem 10%

and add 1T of clay per lb of oils.

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If you are having problems with acne, blackheads or really oily skin I highly suggest that you do some research on the forum and also google on the 'oil cleansing method'. It really is amazing and does work.

I have tried soap on my face for years and started using this method. It is truly amazing...



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Thanks for the help

I do use the oil cleansing method sort of. I posted my recipes in recipie section

I blend oils and castile liquid soap and water, then put in foaming pump.

I also use same oils to make lotion and use on my face.

Just trying something new, although my skin is behaving better. I still am getting the ocassional irritating breakout,But seems to be healing faster using the toner (acv,witch hazed, mint leaves).

This bar is also for a friend who needs an alover bar ( face and Body)

I just want it to be good.

I will try your suggestions

Thanks a Bunch! :yay:

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