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Musings re: salt bars


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OK, I make a salt bar which is 50% the cheapest stuff on earth (ok, air and dirt are perhaps cheaper). Which of course brings down the cost of the bar significantly. But now they are a "spa" bar which makes them a specialty item with some imaginary(?) benefit - and my value-recipe becomes a luxury item!

So how do you all price them? Same as other bars? Cheaper? More expensive?

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I am one that likes to keep it simple. I charge the same for all of the soaps, including the salt bars.

I realize that some types are more expensive to make with certain kinds of oils, FO and EO but it seems to even out and makes it easier for the customer.

My standard pricing for a 6 oz. bar of soap, shampoo bars and salt bars is $6.00 or 3/$15.00.



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