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Did Snowtop sell to Indiana Candle Supplies?


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Everytime I click on a link or enter their address to snowtop candle supplies, it reroutes me to Indiana Candle Supplies. I knew that Snowtop was down for a couple of weeks, but that's the last I heard. Anyone know the scoop?


I guess so!!! It says in a small spot on the right side of the homepage for Indiana Candle Supplies that it is the new owner for Snowtop Candle Supplies.

Sorry, if this is old news, I just found out!!

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Cranberry Orange Spice is my all time top ten seller.

I currently use the following from her and they do awesome in soy.

Cranberry Orange Spice

Apricot Medley

Blueberry Muffins

Lily of the Valley

Lemon Gumdrops

Wild Orchid


I have tested more and they have done wonderful, couldn't tell you which ones though, I never added them to my line. If the formula stays the same for her oils, you can choose any scent and it'll rock!!


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Thanks, I have had the same luck with ICS. I have only tried a couple that I didn't like, cukes & melon is great for mp soap and air fresheners but IMO stinks in wax. I love her Pineapple Upsidedown Cake, Lilac, PINK SUGAR (my fav) Fresh Pear, Chestnuts & brown sugar. There's more, but it's too early, my brain is too fuzzy to think yet.

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