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CandleScience - Peppermint & Eucalyptus


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I'm testing this candle and even though it has a strong cold and hot throw it smells totally like musk. I don't smell any peppermint.

Invigorating blend with peppermint, patchouli, cedar wood and eucalyptus.

Anyone use this?

I guess I wasn't expecting this. Is it because of the Patchouli. I heard it was an old hippy scent that people like and that's probably true cause my oldest sister like it and she was Grand Funk Railroad all the way. LOL!

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I haven't put it in wax yet, but I did make a healing butter for my dad's hands for his birthday and used this scent... after smelling it in the product I realized it kinda smells like ben-gay! ooopss!!! lol... I was going for the energizing peppermint feel...



That's what I was going for - the peppermint, but subtle in the fragrance. Not happening here.

I'll just pass it off as musk and if it goes over......

I just opened my sampler of patchouli by BSC. That smells manly and not like musk.

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