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Mixing you own scent


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i suggest doing the q-tip test so you don't waste any oils.

a few of my great ones are

mc's just peachy & mc's strawberry jam 50/60

mc's gourmet sugar cookie & mc's spicy gingerbread 50/50

mc's lemon drops & ng's warm vanilla sugar 50/50

you can put a bunch of fruits together & call it fruits gone crazy

alot of things mix well with mc's birthday cake & mc's gourmet sugar cookies.

mc's cheesecake mixes great with alot of things, strawberry jam, peach, chocoalte kisses, caramel, blueberry, chocolate caramel & cheesecake all together is great.

mc's lilac breeze & mc's lavender fields 50/50 or 60/40 depends which one you want to be the most noticiable.

have fun. if you happen on to a great one please post it.

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I wanted to do something with my amber fo so I was thinking . . . maybe some vanilla, frakincense & mrryh, maybe a bit of rose, also thinking some ylang ylang. I have to make some candles later so I was going try it. wish me luck.

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the q-tip test (this is how i do mine) i cut a q-tip in half dip one half in one fo & dip the other half in another fo put them in a glass jar put lid on let it sit for 4-24 hours open & smell it then you will have some idea what your mix will smell like in wax. also if you want one fo stronger dip another q-tip in that fo & add it to your jar, so it would then be 2 parts of fragrance A & 1 part fragrance B.

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Quick question... does an fo blend smell different when soaped from when put straight into a body oil?

I'm having a hard time finding an fo blend that doesn't smell slightly cloying to me, despite lots of raves I see about the scent soaped. I can't soap for nuts cos lye comes under the Poisons Act here, though I'd like to so very much :(

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