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Comparing palm container waxes

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I would like to start testing some palm container waxes. However, I don't know enough about them to know if different suppliers are offering the same wax. I don't want to be ordering samples of the same exact waxes :embarasse . Do you know what (if any) palm container waxes are the same? Here's my list of where I want to order some samples from to see which I like the best:


Candlewic's crystalizing container palm 1

Astorlite Q

candles and supplies container palm

Any other good ones I'm missing?

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Astorlite Q is no longer made.

Taylored Concepts in Dallas has a container Palm. My guess is that it's the IGI Container Palm. I don't care for it.

I've only tried a Sample of S&P, and liked it, but haven't worked with it enough.

Candewic's is great.

I must admit though, I stopped using Palm because I just found it hard to get consistent results and crystalization using my simple double boiler method. I'd either get lots of crystallization or not enough. Also the previously mentioned wicking problems drove me insane. I'd like to pick this back up sometime, but will stick with soy for now.

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Since we started this...

I was looking on the Golden Brands website and they mention both Palm Flakes and Vegetable Flakes. Anyone know if they for candles? And what's the difference? And experience with them? And who sells it?

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