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?'s About Crushed Corn Cob

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I have tried to find large bags of crushed corn cob, in my area, but no luck. Only small bags with a high price and that was 50 miles away.

Is all brands of crushed corn cob created equal?

Are there different sizes of crushed corn cob, like a fine, med. and large or are they all the same.

Whats the cheepest price you have found for large bags 40-50 LB's? I have found, on-line, 40LB's for $15.00 + shipping.

Thanks for any help. Candle Man

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Try your local feed store, they would have them or could get them. I also found them at WalMart in the Pet Section sold as cage litter for birds.

OH Cathy

I'm in a small town and our 2 feed stores don't have it and have never heard of it, strange I know.

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They also sell it at pet supply stores.

My small town does not have a pet supply store. The closest to me is a little over 50 miles away.

If I don't get to the BIG city anytime soon I will have to order on-line. I hope the shipping is not considered over size on the large bag.

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we have a local rural king store they sell them $4.00 for a 50lb bag.

they are used for horse/pet bedding. they worked better for me in the horses stalls then to scent, they don't want to soak up the fo very well. that's my opinion.

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