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Strawberry Lily


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With the help of Peaks and some Strawberry Shortcake characters, I came up with a new blend that I am currently crazy about.

My daughter and I were shopping at toys r us and she ran up to some strawberry shortcake characters and started sniffing. So I joined in, being the FOHO that I am.

:laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:

I am such a FOHO that I immediately started imagining myself creating the same blends for my soap and candles. I went home and put in an order with Peaks.

Today I blended Strawberry and Stargazer Lily. It smells divine!!!!!

Another one on my list to try and blend is Lemon Daffodil. (But Peaks doesn’t carry Daffodil)

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I have not blended any scents yet. I have a strawberry from Peaks and a sample of stargazer lily from JBN. So Im gonna give it a whirl. I noticed you are located in So Cal, any fragrance trends you could mention.



I am not sure how strong the Lily from JBN is, but the one from peaks is very strong. When I first mixed it with Strawberry at 50/50 and sniffed it out of the bottle, it smelled balanced. however when I made a candle with it, the Lily overpowered the strawberry. next time I will go 1.5 to 1 with more strawberry.

So i suggest going 1.5 to 1 or 2 to 1 depending how strong your lily is.

I havent really captured my market yet, but everyone right now loves the fruity scents.

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