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Soapin' Sunday


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I had a ton of energy yesterday, so I put it to good use...SOAPING!

I only stoped because I ran out of molds...lol

1st... Coconut Lime Verbena from Tristate...soaped beautifully! Smells strong. I made this one in my Misty Creek Mold...Still undecided on the mold...we will see.

2nd.... Mechanics Soap...I am so happy with the way this one turned out...Scented with Lemon EO with Lime Sugar from OT to anchor it. At thin trace I added Kerosene and Fullers earth for the degreaser..and before pouring added pumice. The EO/FO blend covered up the Kerosene smell!

3rd... Lemon SUgar from Solas...not to sure on this one either...scent is very faint to me and I used 1oz pp. Hopully it will get stronger.

4th.... Cucumber Mint from SoapnCandles LOVE, LOVE, Love this scent! If you havent tried it...you gotta!





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